An SVG-based icon system for telecom-centric platforms and apps.

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When I first began my role as Lead Product Designer at 2600Hz, our iconography was in its infancy stages. Our front-end team was currently using Font Awesome(FA) for icon implementation throughout our platform’s interfaces. While this covered a decent percentage of needs in the beginning, the KAZOO platform and Monster UI continued to expanded and evolve. In turn, telecom-specific use-cases and nomenclature continued to increase, which Font Awesome lacked reference for.Whenever the need for new icons presented itself, I would create and add them to the set. This was back in the day when FA was still created on a 14px grid, which I disagreed with considering browser default font size is usually 16px. Many of the original FA icons seemed too small and lacked negative space in certain instances. This became glaringly obvious when an FA icon and Telicon icon were used in close proximity to eachother, as I elected to build Telicon on a larger 18px grid to allow for more clarity. Due to this, I decided to transition away from using FA and began slowly replacing all instances of it with Telicon.


This is an active project and new icons are continuously being added. You can view the project on Github, or visit Telicon's icon cheat-sheet to view the current library of icons.

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